importance of national greening program

National Greening Program (NGP) that seeks to reforest 1.5 million hectares of degraded lands within six years. Participating students from Laguna College of Business and Arts and UPLB Grange Association climb to Mt. The National Greening Program or NGP harmonizes all the country's greening efforts. DENR-PENRO Agusan del Norte, NGP for CY 2014 marks a challenging […] REFERENCES [1] Anderson, L.M. 26 that made the existence of National Greening Program. secretary cimatu’s main priority is to improve the quality of our environment, particularly our air, water and address solid waste problems. National Greening Program (NGP) sites to assess success of the program. With the information of a government agency, President Benign S. Aquinas carried out the Executive Order no. NSP is a government project that aims to alleviate poverty, to secure, conserve & preserve resources, and to stop the possible negative effects of the occurring climate change. One of the flagship programs of the Aquino Administration is the National Greening Program. Problems and issues in the implementation of NGP should also be documented, and alternative actions should be done to improve the implementation of NGP and future greening programs of the country. the actual happenings of the program implementation referred as ĭactualitiesĮ with the objectives of National Greening Program referred as ĭintentsĮ made this study evaluative. Research Locale and Respondents This study was conducted in Simala National High School and tree planting sites within the barangay of Simala, Cebu, Philippines. National Greening Program The National Greening Program marked its Year 4 implementation; series of consultations to field offices, leveling off with implementers, and different set of strategies have pursued to meet the targets and properly assessed to pursue its goals and objectives. and Cordell, H.K. thus, the denr will be implementing environmental protection programs and projects. enhanced national greening program . This is arguably one of the best pro-environment programs any political administration and national leadership could implement that has widespread benefits that would extend to … As recommended in the "Report of the Task Force on Tree Management – People, Trees, Harmony", the Greening, Landscape and Tree Management (GLTM) Section was established under the Works Branch of DEVB in March 2010 to champion a new and strategic policy on greening, landscaping and tree management, with a view to achieving the sustainable development of a greener environment for Hong … Banahaw for … The NGP, which is being implemented by the DENR, was heavily criticized on its inception by civil society organizations (CSOs), especially RFRI members who were particularly concerned about But while there has been annual funding for the country's national greening program, Senator Panfilo Lacson says the government has some explaining to do when it comes to results. (1988). EDC’s BINHI and the National Greening Program both aim to alleviate poverty, achieve food security, preserve and enhance biodiversity, and address the problem of climate change. It aims to plant 1.5 B trees in 1.5 M hectares of public land from 2011 to 2016. The importance and benefits of the National Greening Program are also explained to the students and members of the organization.

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